There are two active systems used to track the passage of time in Fsoria's centerlands: the Free Lands system and the Elvish Age system. Both methods are founded on a 24 hour day, based on the regular circulation of Shenindaris, and a year of 360 days.

The Free Lands system is the more widely adopted of the two, used exclusively in many humanoid civilizations and as the default in most of them. The current date is represented by a year value followed by otFL, which stands for "of the Free Lands". (For example: 1322 otFL is the 1322nd year of the Free Lands system.)

The Elvish Age system was, not surprisingly, developed by the elves of Fsoria. It has a longer history and is broken into ages, the present being within the 4th age. The current date is represented by a year value followed by the number of the current age plus EA, denoting the appropriate Elvish Age. (For example: 2089 4.EA is the 2089th year of the fourth elvish age.)

Free Lands System Edit


The Free Lands system has a total of eight months, each 45 days long. A year begins on the first day of the month of Arial. The months of the year in order are: Arial, Highburn, Midseed, Deshani, Moonglow, Skyfall, Lowburn, Kindling.

The original structure of the months was founded on the status of Embertrees, as seen most apparently with Highburn and Lowburn corresponding to the periods of the year in which Embertrees are the most and least radiant. Most of the other months have basis in related natural phenomena, the exceptions being Arial and Deshani; these two months were named after the daughters of a significant historical figure.

Elvish Age System Edit