At least for most humanoids, the predominant religion of Fsoria is that of The Great Blossom. It is centered around the flow of energy between the material realm (also referred to as the Isrealm) and the immaterial realm (also referred to as the Unrealm or the Void). Evidence of this movement of energy has been heavily documented, and in circles of a more scientific than faith-based perspective, it is often referred to as Flux Theory.

In either context, three major forces are recognized:

  1. Growth / Influx.
  2. Decay / Efflux.
  3. Stability / Resistance.

Growth is the force associated with the movement of energy from the Unrealm into the Isrealm. As such, it represents life and is central to Fsoria's moral concept of goodness. Growth in general and its respective deities are the most pervasively worshipped ideals throughout the world. In contrast, Decay is the force associated with movement of energy out of the Isrealm, and is held in negative regard by most. The third force, Stability, is thought of as the neutral power that balances both Growth and Decay.

Gods and Elements Edit

There are major gods associated with each of the three forces, each embodying particular traits of their respective force. Relatedly, energy manifests as particular elements when in use by a specific force or god.

Growth Edit

The elements that manifest for Growth energy are flesh and water.

Name Aliases Domains Colours Residence
Deniona Nourishing Rain

Priestess of Fsoria

Fertility, Restoration, Compassion blue, gold, green Fabric
Meygar Defender of Life

Raw Essence

Strength, Fortitude, Leadership dark green, white, purple Aoron
Semnes Flesh Artist

Finder of Form

Creativity, Exploration, Interconnectivity red, green, white Fsoria

Decay Edit

The elements that manifest for Decay energy are acid and void.

Name Aliases Domains Colours Residence
Morthar Portent of Death


Death, Fear black, bloodred, white Unrealm
Raxamút Ravager

Endless Affliction

Infection, Torture, Defilement green, yellow Aoron
Sizitatil Cunning Prowler

Grand Schemer

Greed, Thievery, Manipulation unknown Unknown

Stability Edit

The elements that manifest for Stability energy are earth and cold.

Name Aliases Domains Colours Residence
Ezeren Grand Architect

First God

Structure, Memory, Purpose bronze, silver, gold Dassial
Norina Glacial Keeper

Silent Guardian

Secrecy, Preservation, Beauty blue, black, white Dassial
Seeik Divine Arbiter Nullification, Knowledge white, black, gold Unrealm

Vigors Edit

In addition to the elements above, there are three others which collectively are referred to as the vigors. These are wind, electricity, and fire.

Ember Trees

Legend of Origin Edit

It is thought that Ezeren created the world of Fsoria and then bestowed upon it Khúen-Degar, the flesh tree. Khúen-Degar is the hypothesized origin of the force of Growth. As the legend goes, the first seed that fell from the tree birthed twin beings: the gods Semnes and Raxamút. While Semnes designed and propogated life, Raxamút sought only to destroy it, and so the god Seeik intervened; it granted the insight and mastery to Semnes to generate a counterpart to Raxamút, and so Meygar was formed. A partial plane named Aoron was created, and there Raxamút and Meygar were assigned to forever combat one another.

Metaphysical Planes Edit