Morthar (mohr-thar) is one of the three gods of Decay from the religion of The Great Blossom. She is also known as the Portent of Death or the Unmaker, and is the goddess of death and fear. SOMETHING HERE. Her colours are black, bloodred, and white.

Appearance Edit

Elvish female, ghostly apparel, transparent and white and black seemingly all at once. Crown of bones with shadows of skulls swimming through them.

Activity Edit

Origin Edit

It is said that Morthar was once a mortal elf who convinced the gods of an arrangement to control the flow of life and death in Fsoria.

Current Status Edit

Morthar is said to reside in the Unrealm.

Temples Edit

Built into the corpse of a large creature, like a wurm. Often includes an area and tools for ritual sacrifice.

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