Deniona (den-ee-oh-na) is one of the three gods of Growth from the religion of The Great Blossom. She is also known as the Nourishing Rain or the Priestess of Fsoria, and is the goddess of fertility, restoration, and compassion. Deniona is the most commonly worshipped god of her religion, loved for her associated ideals of life and goodness. Her colours are blue, gold, and green.

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It is said that Deniona was once a mortal human, and by virtue of her tremendous faith and embracement of the ideals of growth, she was called to become responsible for tending to the life essence of Fsoria.

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Deniona is said to reside in the Fabric where she is devoted to passing energy into the material realm so that it may manifest as life and liveliness.

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Often built in the shape of a raindrop.

A particularly extravagent set of temples to Deniona exist in the city of Henjibar, Permus.

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