There are four celestial objects in the skies of Fsoria that are visible to the unenhanced humanoid eye.

Shenindaris is a sphere of light that orbits the world; its regular activity defines the duration of a single day and ultimately all measurement of time. As with the other celestial entities, Shenindaris is said to have been created by the Grand Architect Ezeren.

Fsoria has three celestial objects best understood as moons. However, these entities appear to be stationary, fixated above specific locations of the world. (fay) exists above the center of the continent Aryndor, Fúna (foo-nah) above the northern territory of Aogan, and Haiis (haiy-is) above the southern lands of the continent Aidolan near its border with Shevidaya. Each of the moons emits a faint blue-purple light, drowned out by the luminosity of Shenindaris during its active hours. Nonetheless, the objects remain visible at all points of the day and have served as reliable navigation anchors to many civilizations throughout Fsoria's history.